Delivering the art and science of amazing for over 20 years.

It may seem audacious to have the benchmark of ‘amazing,’ but for us, the vision we have for our clients success and the delight we share is found in delivering exemplary service, rigorous quality and predictable outcomes at every level of the relationship. We are not your typical product developer. Xinetix stands out in the medical device industry where there are many outstanding choices for product ideation, creation and commercialization. We enter each client relationship with the view of a stakeholder acting as an extension of the client organization and providing an exacting blend of vision, experience and resources to delight our customers.

The big question: Is Xinetix the right company for our product?

Our client list answers that question. For the last 23 years Xinetix has operated on a referral and repeat client basis. Traditionally, we have been very selective in accepting new engagements in order to assure outstanding value for our clients. We believe at the heart of every successful creation is the alignment of culture, vision and expectations. We anticipate and quickly resolve any technological and business challenges through open, honest, direct and timely communication with our clients, resulting in an extensive list of repeat established clients. Venture funded startup executives repeatedly engage us to innovate and commercialize new proprietary product concepts.

Where do we begin?  We start, continue and finish with listening

Over 500 years combined creative industry experience has taught us that focused listening with the intent to understand is the grease and glue of a productive collaboration. Wisdom gained through experience means egos are checked at the door so that the right questions can be asked and the right communications, given. Our clients benefit from knowing what is real every step from initial discovery through project completion.

Having served over 80 client companies our team draws upon broad multidisciplinary and cross-functional experiences to make timely fact based decisions. Drawing upon best practices of the medical device industry, our team provides foresight, insight and operational disciplines required to navigate development challenges from conceptualization through commercialization. And our commitment does not end there. We are committed to on-going client support after the official engagement has ended.