CareFusion - ReVel Critical Care Ventilator

Respiratory Care & Ventilation

CareFusion was awarded a military contract to make the ReVel ventilator night vision compatible and additionally meet more stringent EMC radiated emissions standards.

Xinetix provided general engineering and manufacturing support of CareFusion ventilation products from 2005 to 2018


Xinetix conducted night vision testing of the ReVel ventilator and arrived at an optical solution that prevented "blinding" of the military's night vision goggles. Additionally, Xinetix made modifications to the ventilator power supply to mitigate unwanted radiated emissions and meet tighter EMC standards.

Xinetix has provided a variety services to CareFusion/Viasys since 2005.

  • 2005 Percussive Pediatric Ventilator Design
  • 2013 Vela Ventilatory Manufacturing Test Gauge
  • 2014 Ventilator Wireless Connectivity
  • 2016 CO2 Detection Optical Comparator Redesign
  • 2018 ReVel Ventilator Night Vision Compatibility Redesign