ALCON / CooperVision Surgical


Transform the company from $25 million to over $125 million (1989$) in annual sales through design innovation, development of new product categories and businesses, and acquisition of product technologies.


CooperVision was a "me too" player in the ophthalmic surgical product space in 1983 when Hal Walbrink joined the company as supervisor of electronic and software development. Over the course of the next seven years, advancing to the position of Director fo Surgical Product Development, he assembled design teams responsible for the development of breakthrough technologies that became the product catalyst for formation of five surgical and diagnostic business segments within the company. Several of the R&D team members form the core of the Xinetix technical team today, over thirty years later.

The Xinetix core team gained in depth knowledge of surgical ultrasonics, diagnostic ultrasound, electrosurgery, micro-fluidics, micro-optics, in addition to the core engineering disciplines of electronics, software, optics, materials science, mechanical engineering. CooperVision provided the opportunity to work with Key Opinion Leaders, clinicians, sales and marketing to develop and hone our knowledge of the clinical environment and business of ophthalmology. Xinetix team members were awarded several US and international patents for their inventions during this time period.