Vessix Vascular / Minnow Medical

Thermal Tissue Modification

Safely deliver radio frequency energy sufficient to remodel intravascular lipid plaques for treatment of peripheral artery disease


Xinetix was initially engaged to design a radio frequency generator to power a multi-electrode catheter for treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Minnow Medical focused on proving clinical safety of intravascular RF energy, but fell short of proving efficacy due to limited funding. Unable to raise additional funds, Minnow was acquired by a Fjord Ventures led investor group  who repurposed the technology for renal denervation as a a therapy to treat hypertension. Hal Walbrink of Xinetix was engaged as a technology expert performing technical due diligence for the transaction which resulted in the formation of VESSIX Vascular.

With the aid of Stuart Karten Design, Vessix repackaged the Minnow technology which was eventually acquired by Boston Scientific within 18 months. The acquisition resulted in a $425 Million payout to Vessix and the investors.